Practical Vapor is the premier online vape store offering an industry-leading selection of the latest ultra-portable vape devices, e-liquids, and nicotine salts. We guarantee our products to be 100% genuine and available at the lowest possible price.

At Practical Vapor, our goal is to provide customers with the latest quality products, rapid delivery, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service. Specializing in all-in-one devices (AIO’s) and Pod Vapes, our products are all refillable, lightweight, and require no separate “tank”. All our products are designed for on-the-go vapers who want something hassle-free. Practical Vapor carries the most trustworthy Nic Salts/E-liquid blends available throughout the vape industry. We are proud to offer premium brands such as Naked 100, Solace and Mad Hatter’s “I Love Salts”. By bringing only the best vape products and e-liquids together on one site, we make shopping for your vapor needs straightforward and time-efficient.

Practical Vapor’s founder has been using E-cigarettes since 2008. Having over 10 years of experience with everything from the basic e-cigarette to the larger, more advanced vaping devices, therefore, we know the frustrations of traditional vape “mods”. Issues like the e-liquid leaking and staining your clothes or getting on your hands when changing the coil. Occasionally, the tanks would crack or shatter when dropped because the larger mods are heavy. Specializing in ultra-portables, we only carry the finest user-friendly and enjoyable nicotine delivery solutions.

Rest assured that when you shop at, you are purchasing genuine products from the official manufacturer. Be sure to take advantage of our refer a friend program for $10 off coupon codes. We understand that, for many, an excellent vape product is like a great cup of coffee – we want it just right!

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