Pod Vapes – The Cigarette Alternative

If you want to quit smoking and have never tried an electronic cigarette, let us make a couple suggestions. First of all, you probably want something that is easy to use, not messy, and satisfies your craving for nicotine. If you think the only substitutions out there are those little e-cigarettes you see in the convenience store, or those large “mod” devices that make clouds of vapor and look complicated, think again.

Pod Vapes are ultra portable devices that are small, easy to use and will deliver a substitution to cigarette smoking. If your just quitting, try a “nic salt” e-liquid which comes in 25, 35, or 50mg nicotine(50mg may be the answer if you were a heavy smoker). They come in many different flavors and don’t make a big cloud of vapor like you may have seen from the larger sub-ohm tank devices. A typical quality pod vape is around $25 and uses a refillable pod so your not locked into a flavor you may not like sold at the local convenience store or gas station. They are rechargeable with some devices lasting up to 3 days on a full charge. Practicalvapor.com carries select Pod Vapes that are highly recommended among users and a variety of flavored nic salts.